On Road Cycle Training

What is On Road Cycle Training?

On Road Cycle Training teaches participants the skills required to help them become safe and competent road cyclists. Upon completion you will gain the practical skills, confidence and understanding on how to cycle on today’s roads.

Who is it aimed at?

These sessions are for anyone aged 10+ to adult. We tailor the sessions so they meet the requirements of the individuals/groups.

Individuals/groups who may be interested in these sessions:

  • Contemplating a commute to work and lack confidence on the road or would like help route planning.
  • New to training for a triathlon and interested in gaining a better understanding of road craft.
  • Practice for children prior to starting their Bikeability training at school.
  • Anxious cyclists who would like to gain a better understanding and confidence of cycling safely on the road.

How does it work?

These sessions run upon request so if you would like to take part in a road cycling session please use the contact page.

We keep the groups small (maximum 3 riders per instructor) to ensure each participant receives high quality instruction. The sessions last for 1 hour. Participants are required to bring their own bike and helmet. The bikes need to be in a road worthy condition which means the right size bike for the participant, working brakes and pumped up tyres.

If you are looking on behalf of a school or another organisation please use the contact page and we can put together a tailored package of sessions to suit your needs.


'My daughter has had Bikeability this week and passed Level 2 - she is very happy. She said on the first day before they went out they were asked about about ABC and she was the only one who knew what it meant. I am very grateful to you for helping her with her confidence so that she was able to pass Level 2 with the majority of her class'. 

'My daughter enjoyed every minute and would do it every Saturday given the chance. I was a very worried parent when it came to my daughter riding on the roads. I had no reason to worry at all. Ian is a fantastic teacher! He made the lessons a fun experience but also a very safe experience. Really pleased that she had this opportunity'.