What is GO MTB?

Go MTB is a progressive mountain bike achievement award that enables people to advance their technical riding skills as well as learning how to look after themselves, their bike, the environment, and other people.

There are four themes to the Award and five levels of achievement within each theme. These cater to all levels of experience, from novice to expert. The themes included in the award are as follows:

  • Riding Skills
  • Sharing the Outdoors
  • First Aid
  • Being Independent and Self-Supporting

Who is it aimed at?

The Award is aimed at anyone who wants to develop their skills and experience in off-road riding, from those who are learning basic bike handling skills to those who are riding long technical routes with advanced features. Whilst Go MTB is aimed primarily at children and young adults, it is equally as applicable to more mature riders.

How does it work?

Individuals enjoy mountain biking for a variety of reasons, which reflects the flexibility of the Award. Themes can be taken selectively to match individual aspirations (for example some may choose to take only the Riding Skills components) or each level can be worked through progressively. To be awarded a complete level, riders must complete all four themes.

Each participant in the scheme receives a Rider Logbook, which is an extensive supporting resource that details what is contained within each level. This enables riders to track their progress through the Award and see what they need to do next.

Certificates are awarded each time one of the themes for a given level is completed, as well as when riders complete an entire level.

What are GO MTB Taster Sessions?

Taster Sessions provide a flavour of the full Go MTB programme. The aim is to provide a ‘’sound beginning’’ in terms of bike skills. By progressing to the full Go MTB programme, riders will be able to build on these sound foundations.

Each person who participates in a Go MTB Taster Session receives a certificate. Check out our ‘Event Calendar’ to see when we have Taster Sessions taking place.